Remember discovering

how much you could save with

off-peak hot water?

You can now make substantial savings on heating costs by using a BTS Energy storage heater which works in the same manner.

Although new to Australia, in the cold of England, storage heaters have been used for years to save while keeping cosy.

BTS Energy has stocks of storage heaters at special prices, available for quick installation.


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Storage heaters are the revolution in home heating

BTS Energy has great news for all who want to stay warm and save money.

New to our range of energy saving and energy efficient products are a range of storage heaters which will keep you warm while saving you money on your heating bills.

How storage heaters work?

The storage heater contains special magnesite bricks which are heated by off-peak power and that heat is then constantly and comfortably disbursed by the heater during the following day and night hour period.

How do storage heaters save?

As an example, if you are running a traditional electric space heater for 6 hours per day the cost is 6 hours of electricity for 6 hours of heating – invariably at the peak tariff.  With a storage heater 6 hours of cheaper off-peak power will provide day and night heating at a constant level.

Storage heaters operate at approximately 40% of the cost of standard electric space heaters.

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